Indian Bistro

Indian Bistro ExteriorAfter a long weekend of basic, American holiday fare, we were looking forward to kicking off this project with a visit to the relocated Indian Bistro. IB had been a Folz family favorite and we were heartbroken when they suddenly closed up shop. What we didn’t know is that they had moved further up Beechmont, just outside of the 275 loop.

The new location is clean and very bright. This isn’t a romantic destination but the food is always good.Indian Bistro Dining Room.JPG

We sat down and waited for a bit for our menus. We settled on our standard fare, Saag Paneer, Chicken Curry, regular and garlic naan, along with a few vegetable samosas.

Less than five minutes after ordering, our samosas had arrived at the table. We were already enjoying papadum and chutney. We both found the samosas crispy but bland. Our waters sat empty while we waited for the main course.


Our entrees arrived 23 minutes after we ordered. Lucy had a little trepidation about the saag at first. It had a reddish tint to it but after she stirred it a bit, it looked more normal. The flavor was creamy and spicy, as it should be. The chicken curry was beautiful. It was richly tomato flavored. The only downside was the chicken; it was a bit dry and boring.  The sauce was the star here. The rice was a little wet for Rachel’s taste and the naan was too chewy for Nick.

All dishes

Here are the ratings:


Entree 40/50
Sides 17/25
Location/Ambiance 7/10
Service 6/10
Parking 5/5
Total 75/100


Entree 40/50
Sides 15/25
Location/Ambiance 4/10
Service 4/10
Parking 5/5
Total 68/100


Two thumbs up!

Total Score: 71.5

If you go:

  • Their Google Maps location is wrong. It’s on the right side of Ohio Pike, in the Beechmont Station Shopping Center behind Family Dollar and Walgreens.
  • They are closed on Monday
  • There is a dinner buffet on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays.
  • Spice level is 1-4
  • It is BYOB

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