Delhi Palace


When we started this idea rolling we compiled a quick list from a few sites, and Delhi Palace earned a spot due to their #1 ranking on Yelp. We decided to try the lunch buffet on a sleepy Saturday. 

We pulled up to their nondescript location in the Silverton area. Parking is decent, but aside from the street sign and the neon “open” signs in the window, you might mistake this for a residence.


However, the inside is semi-formal, making it an ideal spot for a date night.
The buffet is a series of hits and misses:
  • The Saag is on-point and full of flavor
  • The Curry and Tikki were thin and watery with tough cubes of chicken
  • The Tandoori Chicken was terrific
  • The Gobi Aloo was cold and slimy with an odd strong dill flavor
IMG_5819They did not offer samosas on the buffet, but naan and bhatoora were plentiful. Too many buffets run out and have patrons flock to the naan like moths to flame with every fresh batch. The next round at the buffet had a better temperature, but the Curry and Tikki were still watery.
The service was prompt and friendly and the Diet Pepsi (from a Diet Coke machine) was Mexican restaurant level good.
The overall impression was a below standard buffet experience, Indian restaurants sometimes tone down the spice on many of their dishes for buffets, but many felt less flavorful overall. The Tandoori was the standout, but not enough to make us want to return.
Here are the ratings:


Entree 26/50
Sides 11/25
Location/Ambiance 8/10
Service 10/10
Parking 5/5
Total 60/100


Entree 25/50
Sides 6/25
Location/Ambiance 5/10
Service 10/10
Parking 5/5
Total 51/100


Two thumbs up!

Total Score: 55.5/100

If you go:

  • They have a lunch buffet every day
  • The location sneaks up on you. Be ready to turn!
  • They are BYOB.
  • They do a split day, so they close after lunch and re-open for dinner.

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