Brij Mohan

Brij-Mohan (3)Dear readers, we needed a win. After a few weeks of mediocre Indian, we were ready to throw in our forks, but Brij Mohan was there, in Sharonville, like a beacon of vegetarian orange light. We had to go.

BM – okay, bad acronym – Brij Mohan was introduced to us by a very cool couple about town who also happen to be vegans. They brought us one cold Saturday and we went two more times in the weeks that followed. It’s out of our way, so it’s a treat.

We arrived on a rainy Sunday, ready to get down. This place looks sketchy. I wouldn’t let that deter you but you should know that good things are going down inside.

This is the only counter service place we’ve visited so far. You pick a table, look at the menu and order at the counter. You help yourself to paper plates, bowls and silverware. We ordered veggie samosas, saag paneer, aloo vindaloo, and two types of naan.

Brij-Mohan (1).JPG

Our giant, fresh and fluffy samosas arrived quickly with tamarind and cilantro chutney in ketchup and mustard bottles, respectively. The chutneys were flavorful and diptastic.

Brij-Mohan (4).JPG

This plate of beauty showed up and it was ON. The naan was crispy and buttery. The garlic naan didn’t pack quite the punch we like but it was still good. At a medium spice, the vindaloo was hot, but not impossible and the saag was perfectly seasoned. Don’t be a hero and get the highest spice if you only kind of like spicy stuff, they don’t play.

This place is great and we don’t miss the meat. It’s so worth the trip.



Entree 46/50
Sides 23/25
Location/Ambiance 4/10
Service 5/10
Parking 5/5
Total 83/100


Entree 45/50
Sides 22/25
Location/Ambiance 4/10
Service 4/10
Parking 5/5
Total 80/100


She can’t talk because she’s too busy shoving food in her cute face.

Total Score: 81.5

If you go:

  • It’s counter service
  • Everything is served on paper plates
  • No buffet
  • Huge counter full of Indian sweets
  • Spice level is 1-6
  • There’s no website we could find but a Facebook page

One thought on “Brij Mohan

  1. We went to the Mexican place in the same strip mall Saturday. I loved that Indians were walking in the Indian restaurant and Mexicans were walking into the Mexican restaurant. That’s my tell tale sign a place is legit.


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