So, we were rusty. We fell down on our review duties last month and most of this but we came back with a vengeance by heading 35 minutes north west (yes, WEST) to Swad. We weren’t sorry. 

We hit this College Hill gem on Sunday night. There was no designated parking lot in the front but we were able to hit a public lot a half block up.

The dining room is one of the nicest we’ve been in. It’s intimate (small) but very nicely appointed and totally appropriate for a date night.  They have a great happy hour with $1.99 domestic bottles. They were doing a brisk takeout business as well.


Once we sat down we were presented with a large, very legit menu. Don’t let that scare you…chances are they have your faves.

We started with papadum and vegetable samosas. The papadum cost $2,which is different from most places. It was stale and the pepper chutney was super hot. You’ve been warned.

Those samosas though… The buttery pastry crust wrapped a warm pocket of potatoes, peas and seasoning. We were fighting for crumbs. So. Dang. Good. We didn’t even take a photo.

Our entrees arrived not long after and they were beautifully presented.


Rachel had the chicken curry with a garlic naan. The curry was spicy at a level two and the sauce struck a great balance between the cream and tomato textures. The chicken was okay but it’s never the star. The garlic naan was thin, crispy, bright and wonderfully flavorful.

The saag was seasoned perfectly at a spice level 3. The paneer was a little chewier than expected but the flavor of the spinach more than made up for it. Nick departed from his standard favorite and instead ordered aloo naan; it did not disappoint. The spiced potato filling elevated the side to near entree level.

Here are the ratings:


Entree 37/50
Sides 25/25
Location/Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Parking 0/5
Total 78/100


Entree 42/50
Sides 20/25
Location/Ambiance 7/10
Service 7/10
Parking 0/5
Total 76/100


She liked this place so much, she ate samosas and chutneys.

Total Score: 77

If you go:

  • Happy Hour is 11-5 p.m.
  • They are closed on Monday
  • You can text your carryout order
  • Spice level is 1-6
  • They deliver in a 5 mile radius

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