Elephant Walk


Dear readers, we’ve fallen down on our duties. Don’t get it twisted, we’ve still been downing curry like someone’s trying to steal it from us but our recent Indian meals have been retreads of our favorite places. Lazy, garbage bloggers. But we’ve been meaning to get our suburban booties to The Ring of Fire – Clifton if you are nasty. Some of the best reviewed places in the city reside in a few block area around UC. We started on this path on a drizzly summer night with our pals, and fellow naan lovers, Lisa and Stacy.


We arrived at their prime Clifton location. We easily found a parking spot on the street but there is no lot. The dining room was lovely and well-lit.


We were quickly seated. There was no free papadum, as is usually the custom for dinner. We ordered veggie samosas and they were delish. SPOILER ALERT: It was downhill from there.


Rachel had Aloo Vindaloo and Nick and Lucy split the Saag Paneer (duh!). The Aloo Vindaloo arrived looking and tasting like ketchup, potatoes and tomato paste had a baby. Yuck. Two bites of this and Rachel was done. The Garlic Naan was flavorless and dry.

The Saag had a strange texture and was not flavorful, despite being ordered at a 3 on a 1-6 scale. Even Lucy, who is not very particular about her Saag wasn’t wild about it.  The Aloo Naan was chewy and bland.

Lisa and Stacy’s food wasn’t great either. We all left with no plans to return.

The sole high note was our attentive server.

Here are the ratings:


Entree 18/50
Sides 10/25
Location/Ambiance 7/10
Service 10/10
Parking 0/5
Total 45/100


Entree 0/50
Sides 10/25
Location/Ambiance 5/10
Service 10/10
Parking 0/5
Total 25/100


She mostly ate naan.

Total Score: 35/100

If you go:

  • DON’T

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