Ambar India

Back in the saddle again. We got the hankering for some Indian so we headed to the Clifton to try one of the most recommended places on our list, Ambar Indian Restaurant.

 After accidentally parking in the neighboring lot, (which housed the Indian Grill, oddly enough) we found the small, designated lot behind Ambar’s building. There was additional parking in a separate lot. We nearly floated in on the amazing smell of the air surrounding the restaurant.
The dining room is well appointed and would be suitable for date nights. We were promptly greeted and given menus. We were pleased to find a lunch menu, instead of the usual buffet or dinner sizes only. Lunch portions are reasonably priced, averaging $7.99.
We started with veggie samosas, which were massive and surrounded in a wonderfully flaky crust, but filled with bland, room temperature potato filling.
The spice level is a 1-6 and we ordered the chicken curry and saag paneer, both at a 3.
The main plates arrived in a very timely manner and they were all B-E-A-utiful, especially the naan. That made the flavor all the more disappointing. It wasn’t that the saag wasn’t spicy (which, BTW, it wasn’t) it was that it was plain, just flavorless. The paneer cheese has a good texture, but other than that, the saag left me wanting. The curry was similar; it was creamy, but not flavorful. Even the garlic naan, which looked like the encyclopedia picture of garlic naan, was lacking in the taste category.
The overall impression was that we missed something, like we were a week late to an event. Everything about the place was great, it even looked great, but it came up short where it counted.

Here are the ratings:


Entree 20/50
Sides 20/25
Location/Ambiance 9/10
Service 10/10
Parking 5/5
Total 64/100


Entree 30/50
Sides 10/25
Location/Ambiance 4/10
Service 7/10
Parking 1/5
Total 52/100


One thumbs sideways.

Total Score: 58

If you go:

  • No buffet
  • Spice level is 1-6
  • They do a swift takeout biz

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