Elephant Walk


Dear readers, we’ve fallen down on our duties. Don’t get it twisted, we’ve still been downing curry like someone’s trying to steal it from us but our recent Indian meals have been retreads of our favorite places. Continue reading


The Plan

Going through Yelp, and a few other review sites,  we’ve got together a list of 20 or so “must do” Indian joints. Each week we will do one.

To keep the ratings consistent, we will be using a score card.

We are always looking for new places to try. If your favorite isn’t on our map, be sure to let us know on this Google Form.

We are not vegetarians, but are open to vegetarian friendly versions of our favorite dishes. We always order Saag Paneer, as the littlest Folz is a huge fan but we also order some sort of tomato-based dish.

If there is a buffet available, we will take that option but the score card will remain the same.